Past, Present & Future of Co-Creation

The following presentation offers a very nice overview of the recent history of co-creation within business environments, from its foundations to its prospectful future!! It clearly shows that the need to involve consumers was there, just the means had to be improved. Well, the future is definitely technology dependent. But all the signs indicate that consumers will become more and more active in the business processes…that is the future of competition.

Dimitris T.

One thought on “Past, Present & Future of Co-Creation”

  1. Great slide, very creative. I think the future of co-creation was correctly illustrated with two points: Integrated multichannel hybids and the social bandwagon. When these are present in new technology, it enables corporations to stimulate co-creation by including customers in their development process. such technologies also allow a global community of people to employ the values of co-creation as well as collaboration, co-working, community, openness and accessibility, while working in a shared space. This increases productivity and innovation, and is a great way to get everyone working together without actually getting them together.

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