Brand Experience: Mini Pick-up

Following a shift in focus for MINI towards lead generation activities, MINI set consumers the challenge of developing an activity to replace their annual presence at the Sydney Motorshow and generate 180 qualified leads/test drives.

Targeting specific postcodes around Sydney where the MINI audience could be found, PLAY developed a super-slick urban chauffeur service to give consumers a firsthand taste of the sporty MINI flair.

Their drivers offered consumers chauffeur lifts to their destination of choice. The drive took consumers on a MINI adventure en route to their destination featuring customised playlists, sporty MINI driving and go-kart like handling.


Philip Overduin

Past, Present & Future of Co-Creation

The following presentation offers a very nice overview of the recent history of co-creation within business environments, from its foundations to its prospectful future!! It clearly shows that the need to involve consumers was there, just the means had to be improved. Well, the future is definitely technology dependent. But all the signs indicate that consumers will become more and more active in the business processes…that is the future of competition.

Dimitris T.