Social Media & Higher Education

I’ve found this pretty interesting infographic about Social Media use within higher education on‘s blog. As known, schools aren’t that much in touch with emerging technologies and trends. But the infographic below shows us that these organizations are catching up with regard to Social Media usage. Since their students are well represented wihin Social Media, this might, and probably is, a good progression. How do you guys think our own university is doing with the usage of Social Media?



[see the infographic below]

Social Media and Higher Education infographic

2 thoughts on “Social Media & Higher Education”

  1. Very nice topic you brought up Ivan!! I think within education systems, there is plenty of room for the use of social media and more intense and interactive collaboration between schools and students (or partners, or even other schools). I think that one direction might be to have separate use of social media across different building blocks of a university. Think about what we do (blog or the Linkedin group)…we are a group (CCD) within a larger group (School of Economics) within an even larger group (Erasmus University). My feeling is that there is so much potential and universities (including ours) still remain relatively idle (compared to their potential) within these media (again, an example of how advanced in their approaches US universities are).

  2. I also think our university has a lot of catching up to do. The only Social Media channel i know the EUR and the ESE are using is twitter, but they are only providing information. I’d rather see them getting more interactive with their followers since that’s the best way to get really in touch with you customers/students/etc..

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