How to create customer loyalty and a touching example of a customer experience

The following video quicly learns you how to create customer loyalty:
1. Accurate / 2. Available / 3. Alliance / 4. Advice

The second video also give some tips about the creation of customer loyalty:
1. Provide excellent customer service and support
2. Offer discounts, sales and promotions
3. Think of a simple rewards program
4. Publish regular newsletters (keep in touch!)
5. Conduct surveys and ask for their opinions

In this last video you will find a real life touching example of the creation of a good customer experience. It does not have to be a very big thing: just a small, touching sign can really make a difference:


2 thoughts on “How to create customer loyalty and a touching example of a customer experience”

  1. I saw only your second video and I also uploaded the first one!!!
    Very interesting!!! It really shows how companies can reach satisfaction with simple improvements in technology.

    sorry for uploading it again!!!!

  2. Thanks Larissa for sharing!! Indeed, very interesting videos! I like the simple approach that all these videos use. As Steve Jobs has said: Simple is harder than complex. You have to work harder to make your thinking simple!!

    PS: I had mistakenly replaced Larissa’s first video with yours. Now I changed it again. Sorry

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