Consumers as sellers

Starting with the first paper (Cheema et al.), this paper was focused on consumers who participate in auctions. They researched which factors affect the behavior of consumers during auctions. Their conclusion was that there are indeed several factors which affect the consumer. These are divided in economic, social and psychological factors.

The second paper discusses the topic social commerce network. Social commerce is an emerging trend where sellers are connected in online social networks. Furthermore, in these networks, sellers are individuals instead of firms.  The paper discusses the differences between social commerce and the regular bricks-and-mortars shops. An example would be that the traveling costs are lower when shopping online.

Another important factor in this paper was the fact that these networks can create economic value. By linking shops together, the customers can easily browse between shops. This improves the accessibility of the network’s shop. The more a shop is connected by other shops, the more it improves its accessibility. However, the sellers should aim to get as much links going to their shop instead of leaving their shop.  In the end, the shops which benefit the most from social commerce are the ones whose accessibility is most enhanced by the network.

eBay is a great example where consumers act as sellers. eBay is an online auction and shopping website where people (consumers) and businesses can sell their goods and services worldwide. People can easily sell their goods in an auction form they prefer. Buyers can place a bid on that item and when the auction time has expires, the one with the highest bid wins the auction. The payment and shipping are dealt by the seller and the buyer. eBay only delivers the service of setting up the auction. For their services, they charge a fee for setting up the auction and if the auction is successful, they get a small percentage of the selling price as well.

Here is a short movie about the top 10 weirdest items ever sold on eBay to demonstrate the consumer as seller power.

Another example of consumers acting as sellers is the website YouTube. On this website it is possible to upload any video that the consumer wants. There are a few possibilities to use YouTube as a way to sell, which include:

Selling yourself:  This aspect includes videos of your own performance (singing/dancing), opinions (video blog) or any other self made content.

Selling own merchandise: When creating your own YouTube channel, it is also possible to sell your own merchandise through your channel. If your YouTube channel has enough subscribers and has many views, merchandise can be easily sold to these viewers.

In order to use YouTube to its fullest potential as a seller, becoming a YouTube partner is a must. In order to become a partner, you have to fur fill some requirements in views and channel subscriptions. The benefits from this are getting better video possibilities and benefits from ads and video advertising.

Below is a YouTube example that uses all mentioned aspects, it sells itself, merchandizing and is an YouTube partner.

(Mini-case presentation team 2, afternoon)

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