Risky to give power to consumers? Yes.

Another example of how giving power to its consumers can turn against the company shows the recent failure of Mc Donalds twitter campaign. Mc Donalds run simultaneously two campaigns on twitter, the #MeetTheFarmers and #McDstories. Both campaigns aimed to raise awareness for the brand. #MeetTheFarmers main goal was to acknowledge the freshly produced food (SO provocative in my opinion!), while #McDstories aimed to share experiences among the Mc Donald lovers (a sense of community? sharing consumption experience etc). The campaigns though, did not work out, as twitter users started to bombard Mc Donald’s twitter dashboard with many not very flattering stories related to Mc Donalds and their consumption experiences! Actually, this initiative turned out to have the opposite result than what Mc Donalds wanted to achieve. I wont go deeper to the comments, but you can enjoy by your own in a relative article of The Daily Mail.


Kind regards,

Christos Makris

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