Executive brand leadership


I think this article gives a good explenation of the way CEO’s have to work when it comes to brand leadership. CEO’s have a lot of different aspects to manage. One of them is Brand leadership. It’s not possible to be an expert on all the aspects, so if they know the
key elements of each aspect and more importantly, when they know the right questions to ask, CEO’s can be succesfull.

The five key tenets of brand leadership, given in the article, are the same points students learnt in the first block of this year in the class of Branding & Advertising. So I can do nothing than agree that these key tenets are important.

In my opinion, some brands are succesfull thanks to a combination of two aspects. In the Netherlands we say, a good product sells itself. And that’s true. Take as example the Iphone. It is not because of the good advertising apple became that strong, but because of the good products and everyone was talking about it. Word of mouth in combination with a good product is the key to succes in my opinion.

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