Volvo Likes You!

We’ve recently been talking a lot about using social media to promote a brand. The UnME jeans case is just one example of the various discussions we had. Many of us think Facebook is a great way to promote a brand. Companies create their own Facebook page on which they interact directly with their customers who can “like” the page.

This is the way most companies do it, but Volvo decided to do things differently. Instead of liking Volvo, they decided to like you!

Around 10,000 love notes where distributed among Volvo drivers asking them to receive a personal tribute on Facebook. All that Volvo drivers will have to do is leave their license plate number and they will receive a personal tribute. This campaign is supported by an online film showing several Volvo drivers that got a personal tribute from Volvo (it’s in Dutch but you will get the ideal).

I think that this is a nice way to not only do things differently, but also gain some attention and honor your customers.


One thought on “Volvo Likes You!”

  1. I think that is a very nice use of social media. Especially in a turbulent environment as the one of social media, I believe that not playing by the rules (or actually switching the roles) has a lot of potential. Makes the company’s approach more human, less transactional (to my taste)!! And it’s a fact that you see these approaches (but also a greater sense of commitment to the brand), in cases of more targeted (or not so popular) brands. Volvo drivers are also more likely to be engaged with their brand (as being different) rather than Toyota drivers (remember examples of Harley Davidson, Lomography etc).

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