Tesco Homeplus

Last Thursday we talk about Tesco and the possible extensions for Tesco Direct. During the presentation we showed you a picture of the new Tesco Homeplus system. With this system you only have to scan the QR-code from the product and after that the groceries are delivered at your home. Tesco tested this new system in the subways of South Korea, with giant stickers of products on the wall. So while waiting the grocery shopping can be done! The next video is about why Tesco introduce this new system and how it works.

Kind regards,

Sebastiaan van Veen

4 thoughts on “Tesco Homeplus”

  1. This really is a nice idea! I think there are some good opportunities for other markets/products as well here. How about an itunes poster in subways or busstops. You have some of the latest albums on the poster and by scanning the code you can immediately download the album or songs on your iphone! I know I would be interested.

  2. Thanks Sebastiaan for posting the video. I think it is very smart move. I admit it, i would try it just for the fun of it! And I think a lot of consumers would do the same. Of course it has a very nice practical aspect. Makes me wondering what’s next…same technology inside the trains perhaps?

    I think the idea of iTunes using the same approach would be marvelous. Consumers of iTunes are also the ones that own a smartphone (most likely at least) and hence willing to use an application like this. Also, in this case, the product is digital and therefore you get it immediately. Imagine also, if something like this is applied through TV channels: Every song played on MTV shows a small sign on the top right corner and if you scan it you can download the song from iTunes (am I over-stretching it?)…

    1. That’s an interesting idea Dimitris. I don’t think you’re over-stretching it, since with all the new technological capabilities, almost everything, every idea, is exploited to the max. This is happening now for the past ten, maybe even twenty years already. A lot of these new ideas are extended way beyond the limits wherein they are still valuable for the customers, and therefore there are many failures.
      Regarding your suggestion, there is a mobile app, called Shazam, which can tell you the artist + title of a song if you “let your phone listen to it”. Imagine you’re at a party and you hear this song you really like, but are unable to track down because you don’t have any info about it. When Shazam has found the song in a database, it gives you several options, including: share on some social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter), Play using Spotify, go to YouTube Video, buy as a ringtone and a few more. There is also the icon of Amazon and when you click on that, you are directly linked to the website of Amazon where you can buy the song as an MP3!! The option “Buy this song in iTunes” is not there yet, but who knows when this will change…

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