The Limits Of Mass Customization

Hello everybody!

Mass customization is a widespread thought as an overwhelming competitive advantage. I want to share with you an interesting article that takes a second look at the benefits from the implementation of mass customization systems.

-It requires a highly flexible production technology. Developing such technologies can be expensive and time-consuming. Some processes, moreover, are more flexible and easier to digitize than others. Examples include information processing, printing, and cutting metal rods and tubes.
-It requires an elaborate system for eliciting customers’ wants and needs. To make something unique for someone requires unique information. Eliciting such information entails, for instance, asking the right questions and taking the right physical measurements — and that’s more difficult than it appears.
-It requires a strong direct-to-customer logistics system. Fulfillment is the weak link in much of e-commerce, and the same is true of mass customization.
-People are not willing to pay to have everything customized. In every case, companies must determine whether there is a potential mass market for custom features. Customers demand variety when they differ sharply in their preferences for certain attributes of a product. Under such circumstances, customization may truly add value. Products
that require matching different physical dimensions fall into that category.

I hope you enjoy reading it, it really got me thinking about the alternatives of mass customization. Good night!