Top 10 business models 2010

He guys,

I came across this presentation about the top 10 business models of 2010.

Some of them are quite known by now, like Groupon,,, while others are less known, like and

Complete list:,,,,,,,,,

Interesting to see is that quite lot of them actively involve the consumer. For instance at people can give feedback about their expierence, and other people can learn about that through the forum, simple as that. Only thing provided by is the forum and the network. offers a co-creation platform, where it pays out all the influencers.

The presentation gives an example for all the business models, and describes the rationale behind the model (how it makes money in the end).

Can you think of the most innovative business models of 2011?


One thought on “Top 10 business models 2010”

  1. Thanks Rihan!! I think the slides included are very interesting. They can help you understand the business models and the roles of each part. Again, it is very interesting to see on top lists, companies driven by consumers’ content and input. Makes what we discuss in class even more timely.

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