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Dear fellow students,

The video that is posted hereunder deals with the fact that some companies make the attempt to check-out from their website really difficult for their customers.

Take for example Ryan Air: you find a ticket for 30€ from London to Rome, for instance. You think what a great deal! I will book this ticket. However, what the customers, if he is a first time user of Ryan Air, does not know is that the price of the ticket does not take into account insurance, luggage costs, etc. In other words, at the check-out, the customer will end up with a ticket with all the additional extra costs that, for example, will costs him 100€. This means, during the check-out, the consumers has to carefully check all the boxes for the features he needs and uncheck all the boxes for the features he does not need. This demands a lot of effort from customers’ point of view. Personally, I could understand that some customers would switch to a different brand. Especially, due to the fact that the other brand offers the same product, maybe for higher price premium, but offering a user-friendly interface that enables an easy check-in, search and check-out on the websites.

To conclude, companies can create value for their customers when they design the communication plattform as such that it facilitates the flow of information between them and makes the usage of the website as easy as possible.

Enjoy the following video!

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