Your Film Festival

YouTube is launching their own film festival, named ‘Your Film Festival’. It’s a global competition to find the world’s best storytellers and provide one deserving entrant with an opportunity to showcase their film during the 69th Venice Film Festival. Entrants should submit a 15’ short film and upload it on from February 2 to March 31, 2012.

The viewers on YouTube choose the final ten movies that will be showed at the Venice Film Festival during august. The finalists will be assessed by a jury with chairman Ridley Scott and the overall winner gets $500,000. This competition is inspired by the documentary ‘Life in a day’.

This is a good example how to get customers involved and also to find new movie talents. I’m sure it will attract a new potential customers that usually don’t go to a film festival, or talent that think their movie won’t be showed at such an prestigious film festival like ‘La Biennale di Venezia’.

The announcement on YouTube:

Roy van den Hoogen

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