New Social Platforms Set

Dear all,

We all understand the importance of social media since we choose this seminar. Until now, we have read many articles to indicate how important the google, facebook or other social platforms are, and how to engage those media channels. Even in the real life, many companies help others to imply online websites and use those channels to cope with promotion issues. However, in my personal view, I always ask me, does it works?

In my own working experience, we use the facebook, twitter and youtube to promote our products and brands. Unfortunately, the result is not significant positve. And the cost for us is amount of dollars. Thus, when those channels can show their own capacity is the core question when our working team saw the result. The answer we got is that when you company has the bad news or scandals, it works real great! However, when you want to use them to build your brand awareness, you really need to be careful.

It does not mean we should give up those channels, but the reality is that we only have limited budget and our boss only wants to see the positive result. Therefore, we find two ways to cope with this problem. The first one is to use those channels to spread the bad issues about your competitor. In here, we want to mention, please ignore the ethics since we just help customers to realize facts in order to increase our comparitive advantage, which means real profits. The second way, finding more useful social platforms to increase your brand awareness. And the next vedio illustrates how to achieve this target. Thank you so much!

XUN YU (From Group Five)

One thought on “New Social Platforms Set”

  1. Thanks Xun. Very nice video!!

    My feeling towards social media and their effectiveness is that we should treat social media as another channel, part of the general online channel that clearly has changed how things operate in the business world.

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