Mass Customization: Lands’ End case

Lands’ End which was acquired by Sears in 2002, enlarging his shop at Sears in 2007. Lands’ End adds in-store monogramming and more small stores that provide access to the site of Lands’ End. Even customers can return merchandise that has already passed more than 20 years. Customers of Lands’ End can use its website to order jeans, pants, chinos and shirts that are tailored to their specifications. Customer fills in his/her specifications to a form at the website, which then will be sent through a computer network to develop an appropriate size for such customers. Individual patterns are then sent electronically to the factory, then the patterns will be used to trigger the cutting equipment materials. There are almost no extra production costs because the process does not require additional storage, which is too much production, inventory and costs to the customer is only slightly higher than the garment which is mass produced. At Lands’ End Live, anyone who shop online at can send PS to customer service staff. If you have questions about a particular garment, customers can ask directly. Lands ‘End reported that the additional customer service of this kind adds 6 percent to their sales when a customer uses Lands’ End Live.

With this mass customization strategy, Lands’ End have improved their service to customers with personalized service. so that consumers feel to be individually served. Lands’ End technology is maximizing their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in their business processes. With this mass customization, it increased the satisfaction of customers, and eventually customers will be loyal to the company, so they recommended Lands’ End to friends or family via word-of-mouth, therefore the company’s sales increased.

V.B. Arianto / 323017

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