Customize your bike, Ridley Bikes

Ridley Bikes, renowned for painting and designing frames, launched with great pride the new Ridley Customizer. On the microsite of Ridley Bikes, dealers and consumers can build their own design on their Ridley frame. The Customizer provides a wide range of colors and the combinations are too numerous. The customizer can only be used for full carbon Ridley frames.

Marketing director Anthony Kumpen: “If we allow consumers to design their personalization Noah, we check our competitors. Ridley, already one of the most copied brands in the bicycle market, competition is already ahead by our consumers their bike of their dreams to be realized through the customizer. “After the consumer’s color composition has determined, can design be printed (in pdf format), which he joined his local Ridley dealer can go to his order. The frames are painted with Ridley in Belgium. There are no standard decals used, everything is custom made ​​by our own designers Ridley. The design is a solvent free water based paint applied to the frame. Ridley Bikes, founded in 1991, is a leading manufacturer of racing, cyclocross and mountain bikes. Ridley Bikes is the market leader in the Benelux area of ​​racing.

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