Nokia Innovation

Helo everyone,

I wanted to share this video with you all. Nokia created a video of a future phone their are creating, posting it online gave them a lot of reactions so a lot of input.

As it is still a development progress they can use this information to adjust the concept!

I hope you enjoy the video!

Greetz, Didier

One thought on “Nokia Innovation”

  1. Thanks Didier!

    Practically posting some draft idea on youtube, it is an easy and cheap way to get some initial feedback from your prospective customers. The question again emerges: Who should you ask? And who should you listen? Is it a trade-off between quantity/quality of feedback? Can you really rely on these customers (using randomly some of the comments in the video you posted):
    “HELL TO DA YAYUH” / “so nice” / “dump dump dumpadump”. Not sure about the answer, but for sure there;s still more to discover!!

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