Why marketing through social media is better that marketing through traditional media???

Inspired by our course on Thursday and after having a discussion with George Panagos..I started looking for info about social media..when I found out the web-site of an agency called “Maximize Social Media”. This agency consists of consultants providing solutions on social media and how your company can establish its presence through them!
I got lost in their web-site for hours and after all I think that, like me, you will find this video really interesting!
It shows in a straight forward way the reasons why applying marketing through social media is better than doing so through traditional media.

In case you would like to learn more from them, I suggest you to visit their web-site!

I hope you will find it amazing..as I did!

Fay Panagopoulou

3 thoughts on “Why marketing through social media is better that marketing through traditional media???”

  1. It was indeed an amazing video,very interesting and informative!

    However, I believe that we can not caracterize marketing through social media better than marketing through traditional media. My point of view is that social and traditional media have complementary roles. I do not know what is going to happen in the future -I can only forecast- but at the moment I think that we cannot compare these two types of Media. Whether the marketing will be more successfull through social media or not, I think that it depends on the product being advertised, the firm and the target group that it wants to approach.

    In this article you can find a lot of information of how firms use both social and traditional media in a profitable way.

    Stephen, T and Jeff Galak. (2010). THE COMPLEMENTARY ROLES OF TRADITIONAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA. Insead, p 1-42.

  2. Interesting site, Fay! For companies for which nowadays social media became really important, it is interesting that an agency exists which can help the company to use social media. While reading their services on their site I think with their experience, they really can help a company with its strategy.

  3. Thank you for the links and for the wonderful discussion!!

    What strikes my attention is that social media are presented as something of a completely different nature!! My feeling is that the “bloggers” of the 60’s would say the same thing for television. What we have to understand is that social media is another (very powerful) channel. A channel where users have so much power that it is still not so clear who (companies versus consumers) controls the interaction!! However, due to the nature of these channels (especially given that they are too many nowadays!!), the emergence of these companies is timely and sensible. I agree with Natali, in that it depends also on the product and on the target group. Also, what we have to always investigate is the combination of target, reach, frequency and impact (and secondarily active versus passive reception). Some media (e.g. TV) have more reach but passive whereas some other media have less reach but active involvement (and hence impact)!!!

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