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There are several sites on the net that use personalized recommendations, for our mini case we discussed several sites, which included and is a comparison sites that compares all kind of products that are available on the net or in real stores. It is an independent website, which means that companies can not buy a place in the ranking so that there are no companies pops up first due to a massive share they have in the website.
Customers of can write their own reviews about each product and give a rating to the stores and products. When buying a product, customers can choose which product they are looking for, and then decide which attributes are of importance for them. Also the reviews and rating that have been giving to customers on the site, are always double reviewd by specialists from In that way wants to be sure that are no pointless reviews on their site.

For example customers who look for a camera can decide the price range they are looking for, the delivery time of stores, the brands they want to choose from and the rating the product and stores have been given on So that customers can have their desired product.

On travel vacations are shown that are only provided by Corendon itself. They use a list format to help the customer to find their perfect vacation. On their site you can choose which country you want to go to (if you have a specific destination in mind) and choose from various options that are available through Corendon.

For people who don’t know where they exactly want to go, they can see on their homepage several options that are given by These options are the ones that are the best rated by Zoover (a company which checks vacations ratings) so that the customer can have the best possible vacation they want. tries to facilitate in the needs of the customer in order to help them get their desired travel vacation.

Dhiraj, Didier, Shayan

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