Health app

I saw a couple of days ago something about a health app on a blog. It was very interesting to read about it!

Jeroen Bakker (owner of a company: Lab1111) created the app. The company analyzed more than 3000 nourishment products from different supermarkets, together with some nutritionists.

The app shows for example which potato chips is the healthiest in his kind. To use the app you only need to download it and scan the barcode (with your camera) of the product you did choose.

The assessment is indicated with grade tings based on kcal, salt, sugar, saturated fat, etc. You see the products in three color levels: green, yellow and red.

To see a picture of the app, press the link:

If you want to download the app, name: Boodschapp ( it is for free!)

2 thoughts on “Health app”

  1. there is the same program that has existed for several years I think, but it’s not an application, it is a kind of scanner that you bring with you to the supermarket for example, to scan the different products and to find out which products is the most environmentally friendly..

    so for example toilet paper: which of the toilet paper is the most ecological and environmentally friendly ( it is the same system than what you described with the 3 different colors)

  2. It is impressive to see how transparency is entering every aspect of shopping behavior. There are more and more advanced channels of information assessment. However, do not underestimate the effect of overload in information received!

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