Lego Co-Creation

Lego is a great example of a traditional company that has made ​​its own co-creation. Lego has the nerve to transform from a manufacturing company withnearly 1,000 product numbers, to a co-creationmodel with thousands of product numbers. Co-creation is now an essential part of the Legocompany. It makes use of a giant Legocommunity, more than 2.5 million members. With these members, they develop formal relationships. These are people who get their income from activities with Legobricks. For example a professional Lego artist who creates works of art commissioned.

Consumers can upload their own designs with the best Lego into production. The best ones receive 5% royalty on sales. Per week, more than 3,000 are designs uploaded. They are better every year. Thanks to the internet, adults can see that there are also other adults who love Lego. They used to think that they were the only ones and kept the secret. The participation of adults in this community is therefore exploded.

One thought on “Lego Co-Creation”

  1. Thanks Dhiraj!! Lego was one of the first companies who based their business on the idea of customization and modularity. It would be a shame to be missed in this blog!

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