Interesting Stories About Open Innovation ..

As I was searching for open innovation and its benefits I came across a site named It is a company which gives businesses access to the world’s most creative and innovative people, who work collaboratively to solve problems and develop innovations.
The point is that in this site you can find some open innovation success stories. The most interesting thing is that there are not only businesses that use open innovation but also towns or cities such as Birmingham, United States, that are benefiting from open innovation. Specifically, the charity of the city launched an international on-line contest called Prize2theFuture to solicit ideas for how best to use a city parking lot next to its Railroad Park. The residents were submitting ideas to make the city better and the prize for the winner was $50.000.
Another interesting story is that in California an open innovation competition encourages the inputs of local residents into the creation of new laws.
It is worth to take a look at these stories…

Chara Tsifaki

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