A “sweet” example of mass customization

I was searching to find examples of mass customization and as I am addicted to chocolate I found this “tasteful” example. This chocolate company gives you the opportunity to:

  • Choose the size of your chocolate
  • Select the ingredients that you prefer
  • Put a mark on your chocolate creation
  • Design your own rapper of the chocolate
  • Having on the chocolate your own serial number

What I noticed is that they do not let consumers make the chocolate from the beginning. Consumers have as a starting point the chocolate (made by specialists) and they just add the ingredients and the rap that they prefer. Maybe this is happening due to the fact that consumers do not domain the appropriate knowledge of how to make a chocolate and if they try to do so it is possible to be disappointed by the results. Even though it is their idea. That is connected to the principles and the actions that firms have to follow in order to obtain full benefit of user design.

Hope you like it!


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