Most innovative company 2011

As you can see at the link below, four out of the top 5 of the most innovative companies are internet companies or a company who has to deal with the internet and computers:

1. Apple
2. Twitter
3.  Facebook
4. Nissan
5. Groupon

For me it was obvious that Apple was placed on #1 and Facebook was in the top 5 as well. The most surprising company is Nissan. But after some research I found out that they focus on the new way of dealing with the environment: be as sustainable as possible. They still work with closed innovation, with their own knowledge. The other firms are more open innovators.

My post about the open innovation pitfalls stated that companies move towards open innovation. Obviously not all companies move towards open innovation, even though they want to meet the expectations of the customers.On one hand you can say Nissan is doing very good with their innovation, because they are placed number 4. On the other hand if you look at the sales within the Netherlands in 2011, they can not be found within the top 10 ( So this might rise the question: when you innovate as a firm, is it necessary to listen to your customers? Thus use a way of open innovation?

One thought on “Most innovative company 2011”

  1. In order to fully understand the effectiveness of a strategy, we should take into consideration many different factors. It could be that in Netherlands, the brand associations for Nissan are different than in US (well, the US car market, I believe, is totally different than the European market in terms of preferences and standards).

    What did strike my attention is that 3 out of 5 companies in the list, refer to companies that are customer driven, companies where the involvement and input of customers is the main creator of value in the respective marketing value systems.

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