Online Safety & Co-Creation

Just a small paranthesis: if there is someone else out there that is a freak like me when it comes to purchasing things online 🙂 ..  you can never be too safe 🙂 …

Yes, I am a relatively late adopter of everything there is on the Internet, nor am I an enthusiast of creating my own things on-line even though I am starting to be more comfortable with the idea. And while we talk in class about designing your own shoes, and make your own T-shirt and Greeting Card etc. and  customization of all sorts  I’m thinking why do people need to do that? when there are designer and real creative people that will do it a million times better than us. For me the challenge is to find those people  🙂 ..(just a little thought)

One thought on “Online Safety & Co-Creation”

  1. Little, but nice thought though!! 🙂

    Well, trust (to start with) is a huge issue in online buying behavior and most likely (still) one of the worst enemies of online conversion rates (which by the way are approximately 5%). It took me a year and a few small amount purchases from Amazon to start trusting the website…reaching to the point that I think I trust them perhaps too much!

    About creating my own product, i am not a frequent user either. I believe some of the students have more experience with that (and I would like to hear their opinions). But for me personally, what counts mostly is the final result. If I like the design (although I doubt about my designing abilities), I would buy. But in the end, if the product is “ugly” (to exaggerate a bit), even if is cheap, easy to create with a fancy toolkit or even unique, I wouldn’t dare to buy it (let alone claim that it is my creation!!).

    Dimitris T.

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