Another example of mass customization..

We are heading to the 5th session of the Consumer Channel Dynamics seminar and I think that we all have a clear idea of mass customization. During lectures, presentations and after having read so many articles.. we have come across many examples of companies applying mass customization!
I noticed the web-site of  “Interflora”, a flower delivery network-company that gives customers the opportunity to design their own floral gift. The whole process is comprised of 5 steps;
1.    The customer has to select the recipient of the gift and the occasion for sending it,
2.    Select  the style of the floral gift,
3.    The flowers’ color,
4.    The amount of money he is willing to pay,
5.    The recipient’s details (address, phone number etc.).
I believe that the specific example is different  from what we have explored so far.
I hope you will enjoy it!

Fay Panagopoulou

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