Mass Customization Is (Finally) The Future Of Products

Hello all,

I found this article about mass customization and though it might be interesting and helpful. Please click on the link to read it.
It’s also nice to read what other people though of this article.

The most important thing about this article is that mass customization has always been under construction. Since 1977 it has been an idea but many companies failed to succeed in the strategy of mass customization, or implemented it all wrong.

In my opinion this is the time that mass custimization really comes through and companies have the knowledge to implement this strategy right so it will succeed. Examples of companies that have implemented the strategy just right are: Nike, Spreadshirt, Ponoko and Zazzle.

Also check this link for another interesting opinion.

Robin van Zeijl

One thought on “Mass Customization Is (Finally) The Future Of Products”

  1. Very nice references. Thank you Robin!

    I think this is in line with the idea that the need for uniqueness (also in products) was, and still is, a core trait of human beings. Consumers had the need to create their own personalized products. Think of the mix tapes example of the 80’s: all youngster of that era, were attempting to create their own personalized compilation of songs they liked. What has changed is the digitization and the availability of the channels to do so. Do you think suddenly companies had an epiphany and decided to get customers involved? I think they just recently (in a more general sense of the word), companies got access on the means and channels to do so as well. Plus, the cost of using these channels radically decreased.

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