Freetime Check: personalized recommendations for leisure activities!

Hello everybody!

Freetime Check is an individual adviser for leisure activities. You get recommendations and suggestions for free time activities of any kind. You find similar people (sims) and friends on your platform. You get worldwide personalized recommendations based on your profile with your interests and hobbies. You get recommendations for nightlife, clubs, bars, theatres or concerts, that were well rated by people who are just like you. They recommend you following:

1) locations: restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs and cinemas;

2) entertainment items: music, movies and books;

3) events: musicals, concerts, theatres, sports.

Philip Overduin

2 thoughts on “Freetime Check: personalized recommendations for leisure activities!”

  1. Thanks Philip for this cool example!!

    Surely this is a nice case standing next to or But I like the aspect of receiving activity recommendations…personalized. Well, it all depends I think on how successfully can these guys predict the preferences of consumers. The challenge is to find an easy but insightful way to accurately profile each visitor.

  2. Hi Philip, hi Dimitris,
    there is already a site doing this stuff – and it’s already proven.
    They use a very accurate way to characterize the user by demographic, psychologic and behavioral data.
    You can check out the activity-recommendations and also the user and location guide.
    The site is called Nightlife Check:

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