The Giffgaff case…

Hey guys,

I came across a mobile virtual network operator company, which gives free SIM cards, lets its customers decide their tariffs and generally speaking handles control over to their customers. As it is not right to copy-paste the whole post that I have found, i am posting the link of a blog that speaks about it. It is pretty interesting. Enjoy…

George Panagos

One thought on “The Giffgaff case…”

  1. Thank you George for sharing the Giffgaff case. Honestly i was not aware of such an example in this industry. I think it is a very indicative example of how to involve customers across various stages of the supply chain. I think they (Giffgaff) have very smartly incorporated the power of communities in their businesses. Especially the point system can work as a great incentive for becoming viral through word-of-mouth. To approach it from a Carson’s point of view (Carson et al 1999), they have a clear structure of Institutional Arrangements within their value system: illustrated by the use of points. Every action, every role has a value in terms of points.

    The only disadvantage is that if something goes wrong, they seem to be less flexible that a typical customer service department due to the use of only online channels plus the lack of personnel (with other consumers compensating to some degree) (see

    Dimitris T.

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