SkinID: Personalized acne solution

Hi guys,

SkinID is a new product that is based on unique customer needs. It is a personalized product for your skin. It works as following: On their website ( you can evaluate your skin. You have to fill in some data like age, gender and skin type. Then there are some questions about your skin. The possible answers are very clear. After you have filled in 18 steps you get a personalized skin product just for you. I think this a good example of a product that uses consumers information to create the product itself. What do you guys think about it?

Rube Agterberg

2 thoughts on “SkinID: Personalized acne solution”

  1. Thank you Ruben!! This is a nice (and different than the usual) example of personalized service!!

    Although, it’s been a while since I encounter such a (consumer) situation, I have to say that this approach seems quite effective. I think what is very important in this situation is that they use a very simple and straightforward online toolkit, which gives a lot of information for every step, for every question you need to answer. Knowledge is always important in this kind of consumer situations. However, one possible problem is that consumers might not be able to evaluate their conditions accurately (e.g. can you be sure that your skin is oily, normal or a combination?). One of the advantages is that it uses very simple terminology and very direct visual elements for giving answers (e.g. funny to see the scale of stress represented as a pencil, a clear metaphor for school). I think, the ultimate question in this situation would be: Would you trust a recommendation for such a sensitive issue, based on a self-filled questionnaire? I believe the answer to that question can determine to a large extent the effectiveness of this initiative.

    Dimitris T.

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