The Entertainment Experience

Here is a great example on how co-creation is used in the entertainment industry. This project is called the Entertainment Experience where the audience is given the opportunity to make their own movie closely accompanied by acclaimed experts. The first three minutes of the script are given, but based on that the audience can create the remaining of the movie. Every part of the creation of the movie is done by the audience: script writing, acting, editing, directing etc. If you lack the talent to contribute directly to the movie, you still have the possibility to be involved because the audience votes on what will be used in the end movie. Together they will create the first user generated movie.

On the website –  – there is a movie that explains how it works.

It will be interesting to see how successful the end result will be. Will this be the future for Hollywood?

Aram Hillebrandt

One thought on “The Entertainment Experience”

  1. That is so interesting. Thanks for bringing it up Aram!

    I knew about the idea of crowdsourcing in the movie industry. Amazon Studios are doing that for a while now ( but what they are doing is asking for complete projects. This approach brings it to the next level. However, I kind of doubt about the quality of the outcome of such a project. My impression is that art (and especially movies) is closely related to the creativity and vision of one person (or at least a few). Distinguishing across separate building blocks in a product which is so experiential, may put its integrity and cohesion at risk.

    If a director manages to smoothly combine all the different “voices” involved across these building blocks, this can be promising!!

    Dimitris T.

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